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We are a duo of artists that has been working together in San Juan, Puerto Rico since 2005. We do not receive sustenance from a patron. On the contrary, to be able to finance all the expenses of our artistic ventures we work like normal people. We’ve worked with a website, in a house basement, and contribute to independent organizations or those focused on the development of emerging artists, among others.

The website covers events of the young/emerging artistic community. It addresses the need to document and show those cultural activities that are out of the mainstream. In addition, it presents social events that seem pertinent including: organic markets and flea markets, theatre, concerts and other productions of great cultural relevancy that represent an independent effort being made by diverse groups that are ignored by the mass media.

It is very typical for us to work with low-cost secondhand materials. In moments of economic crisis we use our basement to carry out activities and art events (which are always collective). We organize a series of events where artists with little or no commercial representation have the opportunity to show their work (locally and internationally).

In the four years that we’ve been working we have sold four artworks. The money obtained from one of these sales served to pay for our webspace on the Internet, to fix up the basement and for the CHA (Center of Horrible Arts) that, while it lasted, was dedicated to independent music and art. The other three artworks we sold were auctioned and this money was donated to another alternative space, which now serves as residence for artists.

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