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Personal Economy #10

If you are doing any sort of self expression solely to make money, I think you will be disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I am not going to turn down money but that is not why I do what I do and I for one, do not want to have money be a factor in why or why not that I choose to do something. Yes I have been paid for music and art but it has never paid my bills.I have worked at the University Of Texas Libraries since 1978 and that’s my income. I have to say that after spending last year (2008) applying for grants, Its a sad state of affairs in the US when it comes to funding any sort of self expression project…. Especially when you look at the opportunities artist have in Europe but then again, why are you doing this? If its because its something that you have to do like breathing, you will do it no matter … And no matter, I always seem to rely on Do It Yourself.

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