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Joseph del Pesco starts an audio book version of the newspaper!

Joseph del Pesco started an audio book version of the newspaper. We were really happy and surprised by this self-initiated endeavor. Joseph read and recorded Julia Bryan-Wilson’s essay Art Versus Work and then in turn invited Sam Gould to pick an essay to read. Sam chose Greg Sholette’s essay State of the Union.

Here is how del Pesco explains the process:

In support of Temporary Services’ recent newspaper project Art Work: A national conversation about art, labor and economics, I’ve created the beginnings of an “audio book” version, starting with one of my favorite texts in the publication. I then asked artist Sam Gould to record one of his choosing. You can download them both here. I’ll extend the invitation to anyone who might like to audio record a text from the newspaper, to be added to this post. You can download the newspaper in full here.

We can’t wait to see how this develops!

Here is the original post with links to download the first two tracks of the ART WORK audio book:

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