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Money! Money! Money!, February 12th, Sprout Spaghetti Dinners

Copies of the newspaper will be available at the is event.

Many thanks to Rebecca Uchill for making this happen!


You’re invited to
Money! Money! Money!
a sprout spaghetti dinner

Sprout spaghetti dinners is a dinner theater series seeking to bring people from the Somerville and Cambridge communities together around good food, good music, and good performance. Each month, we’ll find an eclectic group of performers to explore the month’s theme through different lenses. In the tradition of dinners hosted by NYC-based theater company Great Small Works, we want to cast new light on common ideas from artistic, musical, and scientific perspectives. You can
find information about past dinners at our blog.

The theme for this month’s dinner is Money! Money! Money! It will be happening just outside of Davis Square at sprout (339R Summer St.) on Wednesday February 17 with dinner at 7:30pm and performances beginning at 8. $10 suggested donation. The spaghetti will be prepared by Food not Bombs, and our performers will include ::

- Local musicians Jon Hersh and Kathy Fletcher playing a set of old-time tunes on banjo, fiddle, and voice.

- Frank Ackerman, a research scientist at Tufts, speaks about the economics of global climate change, addressing the question, “Does it make economic sense for us to try to fight global warming?”

- Shauna Gordon-McKeon, a researcher in the field of moral psychology, will perform and discuss experiments in social psychology and behavioral economics looking at how money affects our decision-making processes.

- Liz Hall and Casey Engels of Artists in Context will present The Fundred Dollar Bill Project, a nation-wide drawing project started by artist Mel Chin. Audience members will contribute to the project by designing their own “fundred” dollar bills to help raise money and awareness to begin clean-up efforts of lead-contaminated soil in New Orleans.

- Community members will also share personal monologues responding to the prompt “Literally, money represents gold or silver; socially, it is a status symbol; personally, it might mean everything from success to security to selling-out. What has money meant for you?”

Please send any questions to or call
339R Summer St.
Davis Square
Somerville, MA 02144

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