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How Do You Respond to the Economic Depressions of the World?

The Journal of Aesthetics & Protest and Journal of Aesthetics & Protest Press evolved as a collectively-run, DIY publishing project concurrent with the globalization movement. In the late 90s, the less monetized territory of networked protests and the insurgency of relational and tactical media opened up a stage for new forms of collectivities, movements and publics.

For the editors, publishing was an opportunity to create a critical platform—a public space where the benefits to large groups act to ameliorate the ambitions of individual writers, subjects, or editors.

Global Mega-Merger Announced with ‘We Can Run the Economy’ Campaign

Many years in the making, New-York-City based 16 Beaver Group announced today the initiation of a complex multiyear process that will produce the largest global merger of arts and politics collectives known to date. Critics immediately attacked the move as being, “out of touch with recent developments in art and economics.” But the group argued at their press conference that the new mega-art collective, which will use the acronym C.A.R.T.E.L. (the group did not specify what each letter stands for) will soon be ready to compete within the current monopolistic anti-marketplace.