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Menu: Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics, by FEAST

FEAST is a recurring public dinner designed to use community-driven financial support to democratically fund new and emerging artmakers.

At each FEAST, participants will pay a sliding-scale entrance fee for which they will receive supper and a ballot. Diners will vote on a variety of proposed artist projects. At the end of dinner, the artist whose proposal receives the most votes will be awarded funds collected through the entrance fee to produce the project. The work will then be presented during the next FEAST.

Teaching Artist Union Card

1. To join the TAU network, cut out the ID alond the black line, trimming off all the black but leaving the four pieces together. 2. Fold along dotted lines: first along the vertical line, then along the horizontal. 3. Sign the bottom. 4. “Laminate” (by any means necessary) 5. Use with confidence and pride to get more for free.

Justseeds: Collectivism in a Culture Machine

The artists of Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative were born of a particular time. Ranging in age from mid-twenties to late thirties, they identify with the broad-based movements from the last decade and a half, for which there is no single accurately descriptive name, and which emerged out of demands for an egalitarian social order, a radically decreased role for private capital, greater environmental responsibility globally, and which, in anticipation of brute US military aggression in late 2002, grew to include a clear antiwar message. In the wake of the Obama victory, right wing discredit, and the collapse of the world’s financial machinery, zombie forms litter the social and political landscape, solving no problems but wreaking damage.

Small Business as Artistic Medium

We are running a small business—a café and social center called Backstory, on the south side of Chicago. A substantial monetary investment was made at the outset and subsequent cash infusions have been necessary since. Hours upon hours of unpaid labor have been poured into the effort. Creative energies have been diverted from other projects into the resource stream of this enterprise. Family dynamics have shifted to create space for this new occupation. Other life paths have gone untraveled. How do we value each of these contributions and sacrifices? How do we appraise the worth we gain through our involvement in Backstory?