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Art Workers Won’t Kiss Ass


Work Promotes Confidence


Epios, A Sculptor, By Cooley Windsor, Illustrated by Futurefarmers

The Futurefarmers illustrated this wonderful story by Cooley Windsor that first appeared in the bookVisit Me In California.

Teaching Artist Union Card

1. To join the TAU network, cut out the ID alond the black line, trimming off all the black but leaving the four pieces together. 2. Fold along dotted lines: first along the vertical line, then along the horizontal. 3. Sign the bottom. 4. “Laminate” (by any means necessary) 5. Use with confidence and pride to get more for free. is Where Independent Projects Get Done

What is OurGoods? OurGoods is a network of artists, designers, and cultural producers who want to barter skills, spaces, and objects. OurGoods is a place where you have the agency to decide what your obects and services are worth. OutGoods is an infrastructure for mutualism.

How does it work? OurGoods facilitates the barter of skills, spaces and art objects. Organize your projects with what you have and what you need. OurGoods marches you with barter partners, tracks accountability, and helps the business of independent work. You can find collaborators, see emerging interests, or just execute your project without cash.

The Business of Art/Non-Profit Art Practice

The Business of Art: Chart