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Download a variety of free copies of Art Work to read, print and host an exhibition, discussion or reading group. Also, if you are not in a place where the paper is being distributed and you want a printed copy, we are making them available for free through Half Letter Press. We will have to charge a small fee for shipping. But we are making no profit on the paper’s dissemination. Order one copy or 100. We will ship them to you.

Versions of the Paper

We have prepared several versions of Art Work: A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Economics. Feel free to copy, email, transmit, hang in public, host or link to from you blog, or otherwise distribute any of these versions.

Printed Version

There is a printed version of the paper. Two runs, totaling 12,000 copies, were printed (10,000 with soy ink on 100% recycled paper). They are being distributed in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. They are also being distributed in several European cities. For an up to date list, please visit:

You can also get free printed copies from Half Letter Press: We ask that you pay for shipping to help defray the costs of making the paper available for free. The number of copies you can order is limited only by availability.

This Web Site

The online version of the paper has content that none of the other versions have. We encourage you to look at the additional articles, personal stories, bibliographies, essays, comments, discussions, pictures and more that we will be adding regularly. Use the web site as a tool. Please explore it and add your voice.

High-Resolution PDF (16.9 mb)

A high resolution PDF is available. It was made ready for printing copies of the paper either with a commercial printer or for your own personal, high-quality print out. For large-run printing, please note that the final, folded size of the paper is 11″ x 12″. We are available to answer other questions you might have about printing the paper. Email:

Low-Resolution PDF (1.8 mb)

We made this copy easy to share with others via email, or for viewing online. Note that the resolution of some images will be much lower quality than the high resolution version.

Classroom PDF (1.3 mb)

We made this PDF for those who want to use the newspaper in the classroom. It contains the contents of the paper reformatted to fit on letter-sized sheets. It is easy to print out and read. The images were removed to keep the page count as low as possible. It is 90 pages long.

Accessible PDF (1.4 mb)

The accessible version is similar to the classroom one, but is easier to read. It utilizes a larger (16 pt), bold, font and is left-justified per many accessibility standards. It is 188 pages long.


Take a digital version of the newspaper anywhere with you on your portable devices. Formatted as a standard epub document, it should work on many devices used for reading eBooks.

Point your device or app (iPhone and iPod Touch users will want to get the free app Stanza) here to download the file:

Audio Book

Independent Curator, Joseph del Pesco, initiated an audio book version of Art Work on the SFMOMA blog, Open Space. Below are links to the mp3s of individual essays:

Record your own: Using the microphone built into your computer, record one of the texts in a single sitting. If you don’t have audio software (such as Garage Band) you can download Audacity. It’s free and easy-to-use. While recording your reading, if you make a mistake, pause, and start again from the beginning of the sentence (this makes it easier to edit). Then upload the file (without editing) to Yousendit or some other web-based file sharing tool and email the link to:

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    Hi! I`m from Argentina, I would like to recieve your information. In my country artists live in a very poor economy situation. Thank you, Gachi Rosati

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