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Lansing and Three Fires Territory: Toward an Activist-Based Indigenous Neo-Regionalism

Let me be honest. The radical arts infrastructure in Michigan, much like its present economic state, has faced better days. When I left the state nearly a decade ago, I never intended to make my way back to Michigan. As someone who was born and raised in rural areas of the state, while also studying art at both the College for Creative Studies (Detroit) and Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo), it didn‘t take long for me to realize that the opportunities to become actively involved in contemporary arts practice were dismal, similar to the fate faced by the rest of Michigan‘s working-class.

Justseeds: Collectivism in a Culture Machine

The artists of Justseeds Artists’ Cooperative were born of a particular time. Ranging in age from mid-twenties to late thirties, they identify with the broad-based movements from the last decade and a half, for which there is no single accurately descriptive name, and which emerged out of demands for an egalitarian social order, a radically decreased role for private capital, greater environmental responsibility globally, and which, in anticipation of brute US military aggression in late 2002, grew to include a clear antiwar message. In the wake of the Obama victory, right wing discredit, and the collapse of the world’s financial machinery, zombie forms litter the social and political landscape, solving no problems but wreaking damage.